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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do we offer a 6 months FREE trial?

We offer this so that you can try and test drive our website before asking for a subscription, you don't want to part with money unless you know that you are going to get a ROI (Return on Investment)

Do I have to enter my card details for pre payment?

NO - The biggest problem with websites who offer a trial is where you have to enter details to then carry on your trial, we will never ask for this on sign up or during the trial

What happens after the 6 months?

We will contact you to discuss how the website has been for you and get some feedback, we will then discuss our subscription packages with you and see which one suits your requirements.

What if I want to stop during the trial?

Simple answer is let us know and we will stop uploading for you and we can either remove the stock or leave it on for you, there is no contract during the trial, its just our opportunity to showcase our website and platform.

So what are the costs after?

Our 2019 Subscription costs as follows:

  • 0 - 15 Adverts Live Adverts any time on the site - £400.00 +vat Per Annum
  • 16 - 50 Adverts Live Adverts any time on the site - £600.00 +vat Per Annum
  • 51 - 100 Adverts Live Adverts any time on the site - £800.00 +vat Per Annum
  • Unlimited Adverts Live Adverts any time on the site - £1200.00 +vat Per Annum

So when I subscribe do you continue to upload the adverts?

We can however we charge a Managed Account Subscription for this which is £400.00 +vat Per Annum, this will again be the same as the trial our team in the office will continue to upload your adverts to the website for you.

How do you get the adverts?

We have a very quick and simple upload process which all dealers have from there dashboard, but during the trial we offer to upload your adverts for you and we do this by scanning them from your other selling platforms, some call it scraping but we use the term swoop, we will check your platforms once to twice a week.

What happens when i sell a truck or need to change a price?

Here is the part where we need to work with you. Of course the best way and easiest is for you to log into your dashboard and remove and sold trucks by ticking them and deleting them, there is also the option to edit them in your dashboard. However when on a managed account, your account manager will contact you every week for a sold stock list, this can be sent via email to us or over the phone and we will then remove them adverts from the website, so that only your current stock is shown to the buyers.

So where are my adverts shown?

Your adverts are visible straight away on our website from the moment we/you click submit, we then take the latest adverts and enter them into our social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc we also send out regular emails to GDPR compliant registers addresses to showcase the latest stock.

I'm a large dealer with several sites can i have multiple accounts?

Yes, each site can have there own account (even during the trial) as long as they have separate email addresses to use, however when it would come to subscriptions each site would be charged as one account.

Where does most of your traffic come from?

Most of our traffic/viewers are from the UK but we also target the export markets with campaigns so we see a very broad spectrum of viewers on our platform with on average 135,000 truck impressions a week across our platform.

If I have seen a truck on the website who do i contact to discuss the truck?

On every advert there is the dealer info box which contains all the information of the seller from location, email and phone number. You can email them direct from the advert using the email seller box or dial the number and mention you have seen on