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Whether you are a dealer or a private seller Compare Used Trucks is the perfect place to advertise your used trucks and trailers. As a bonus, you can also advertise vintage and salvage vehicles with us.

Placing an advert with us couldn't be simpler. We only need basic information about the vehicle so you don't need to spend half hour filling out unnesseccary information.

Good Selling Practice


First impressions matter. So ensuring you give the vehicle a good clean inside and out before you take photo's is a great way to catch the eye of a potential buyer. Advertising with us allows you to upload 9 pictures per advert, so why not use them? Our research as shown that vehicles are more likely to sell with good quality images from all angles.


We don't ask for much information from you regarding the vehicle you are selling, at compare used trucks we believe in a simplified way of doing things. If you would like to add more information about your vehicle though, the description field is the place to do it. When filling out a description, try to anticipate all of the likely questions that are going to be asked by people interested in the vehicle. This gives the buyer more information to work with when deciding on which vehicle to buy.


Communication with potential buyers is key. Compare used trucks has multiple methods for buyers to contact the seller, whether that be via an email or a phone call. It is important not to ignore these. Even if the vehicle in question has been sold, do you have any alternatives available for them?